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Before you attempt anything in the video below.. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT ON A LIVE SITE!!

If you don't have a way to test things out aka - a "staging server", then I hope you will check out WP-Engine and get proper Woocommerce hosting (and 1 click clone your site to a staging server that has all the https stuff etc you need to test things for Woocommerce).

Also - if you find the video below useful, that means you are the kind of person who will be successful in ecommerce. I'm not a marketing expert, but I make tools & work with marketing experts and ALL of them spend a good deal of time getting learning ways to hack and improve their businesses.

The folks at WooCurve (who make an awesome one click upsell plugin) are hosting a virtual summit where they have put together a deep collection of interviews and information from the best in ecommerce and it's free ( for now ).

Sign up for the summit here ( or click the button below the video once you've watched it).

Finally - if this kind of thing is useful, let me know in the comments Puhleeze! It takes a minute to do these so I need to know if I should do more - and if so, what you want to know... maybe come back after the Summit and let me know if there is anything you want to implement, but are not sure how to? THANK YOUUUUU 🙂


Let some real marketing experts share what they have learned through experiments, testing.

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*Free for now, but you still have to Pay Attention

​Remember ... $5 hosting is penny wise and pound foolish for e-commerce. Get WP-Engine ( or any dedicated Woocommerce host that has one-click staging sites, automatic backups and the best service)... but so far WPE is my fave.