Pro Tips

Thank you!!

I will be able to send you pro-tips now.

If you want a jump on what the next email is about/the reason I’ve not sent it yet, is because I’m working on the tutorial on how to easily hide the promo code field.

But the other part of the email is to tell you about an online Woocommerce Summit being held by WooCurve.

tl;dr — you can learn about it here.

My take on the WooCurve Summit Dealio:

Being 90% developer, 10% marketer… I’m pretty skeptical about conferences and really only like spending time on those where there is going to be solid, actionable information.

So far – the interviews I’ve seen ( and in my conversation with the people putting this all together ) — is that if you sign up, you are going to get some very actionable things that will boost your sales.

For sure – the segment about life cycle marketing I got a sneak peak of has advice you can implement easily using ActiveWoo + ActiveCampaign… so even if you just watch that one video, you are going to get more out of ActiveWoo ( and therefore improve sales ).

Yes, they will likely have other things that will extend your knowledge which will not be free – and you can decide for yourself if those are worth your investment in time and money.

However, one thing I do think is worth at least the time to look at right now (if unlike me you have more than 1 product you sell) is the One Click Upsells. This is a “no brainer” if you have multiple products.

And full disclosure, I do get a small commission if you decide to buy anything from WooCurve – but honestly it doesn’t matter to me if you do or don’t buy anything from them.

I thought it was good info to share with you, so that’s why I’m sharing it 🙂