I didn't watch the video... what is ActiveWoo, what does it do, why should I buy it?

Is this a One Time Fee or a Subscription? What exactly to I get with my purchase?

How Many Sites Can I Use This Plugin On?

Where is the setting to pick which list a Customer is added to? 

What If I Can't Get The Plugin To Work?

Does it Add Tags to Contacts, Does it Add Product Category Tags? Does it Keep A Running Total of Revenue Spent Per Customer? 

Does it Sync up past orders? What if I have over a thousand ( or over 20,000 past orders)?

Does it have Recover Cart / Abandon Cart?  ( What is Recover Cart and why do I want that?)

Does it work with WooCommerce Subscriptions ( or other subscription plugins?) Can it automatically update when someone cancels?

Does it work with Basic, Plus & Enterprise Active Campaign Plans? 

What is a staging server? Why do I need one, and how do I get one?

Is this the last FAQ? 

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