I didn't watch the video... what is ActiveWoo, what does it do, why should I buy it?

Is this a One Time Fee or a Subscription? What exactly to I get with my purchase?

How Many Sites Can I Use This Plugin On?

Where is the setting to pick which list a Customer is added to? 

What If I Can't Get The Plugin To Work?

Does it Add Tags to Contacts, Does it Add Product Category Tags? Does it Keep A Running Total of Revenue Spent Per Customer? 

Can it apply a tag if a customer uses a coupon?

If I'm using WPML, and the customer has selected a language, can a tag be applied so I can have ActiveCampaign send emails in that language?

Does ActiveWoo create single use, expiring coupons and if I turn that on, will it flood my database with coupon records?

Does it Sync up past orders? What if I have over a thousand ( or over 20,000 past orders)?

Does it have Recover Cart / Abandon Cart?  ( What is Recover Cart and why do I want that?)

Does it work with WooCommerce Subscriptions ( or other subscription plugins?) Can it automatically update when someone cancels?

Does it work with Basic, Plus & Enterprise Active Campaign Plans? 

What is a staging server? Why do I need one, and how do I get one?

Is this the last FAQ? 


Does this plugin also add the basic ActiveCampaign site/event tracking script? Currently we are running two ActiveCampaign plugins, and would like very much if we could only run ActiveWoo.

    Jason kadlec

    Thanks for the suggestion – I will get this added in a future version!


Without Deep Data Integration, with ActivCampaign Lite Plan, what this plugin can do? Is there a list of supported feature for Lite plans?

    Jason kadlec

    ActiveWoo was created before DeepData was introduced and is 100% effective at doing everything it needs to without DeepData. That said, it now also has DeepData integration, so if you have a plan supporting it, you can pull more information.

    DeepData creates an “orders” area on the contact record, where you can drill into data and for some it may be easier to use DeepData in campaigns vs. using just using tags and custom fields.

    Some customers are also running ActiveWoo and the ActiveCampaign free plugin side by side.

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