Installation Instructions

A table of contents is below the video so you can skip to the part you need to know about! Please do not be alarmed that the video is so long! Using ActiveWoo is SO SIMPLE ( just watch the first few minutes and you will see).  BUT there are more complex settings for power users that allow for more sophisticated marketing.
NOTE NEW FEATURE EXPIRING COUPONS!! ( that video further down the page, below the main instructions video - scroll down).

Plus, "All Guest Checkout, Deep Data Integration and Sync All Order Status" tutorials are below this video.

Please scroll to the bottom to see all the videos!!!

Table of Contents:

00:00 -01:27 - Save Your License Key To Activate
02:26 - Troubleshooting if you can not activate or connect to ActiveCampaign
04:28 - Simple Sync - the SKU = the Tag
08:47 - Setting A Default Tag
10:55 - Syncing Variable Products
12:56 - Sync Product Categories And Tags
16:25 - Sync Coupons as Tags
17:24 - Sync Billing Fields
18:24 - Sync Total Revenue Spent
22:34 - Sync Date of Last Order
24:02 - Track Total Number of Orders
25:14 - Sync Past Orders
28:38 - Re-Sync All Orders
32:07 - Advanced Settings Tab
32:18 - SKU Prefix
32:53 - Store Product Links for Customer Review
40:54 - Enable Newsletter Subscribe Checkbox
47:52 - Advanced Recover Cart
01:02:49 - Setting up Automation in ActiveCampaign for Recover Cart
01:07:50 - Subscription Extension Integration
01:13:15 - Custom Checkout Field Editor Integration


All Guest Checkout:

Deep Data Integration:

Sync All Order Statuses:

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